Halo XR800 Rangefinder Review

The Halo XR800 Rangefinder Review is a reimagined development of one of the popular series (the XRT), using a contemporary appearance that feels at home in your package and your hand. Angle Intelligence calculates space of targets at any elevation. Auto Acquisition acquires range. Scan Mode locks at different yardages in multiple targets. The rocky casing is made to weather the elements, while the ergonomic design ensures that a nonslip grip. The Realtree camouflage wrap adds a touch of stealth.

Halo XR800 Rangefinder Review
Halo XR800 Rangefinder Review

Specifications of Halo XR800 Rangefinder

Precision: +/-1 yd.
Style#: ZR00G4-
Maximum Reflective Range: 00 yds.
Battery: CR2 (included)
Weight: 0. lbs.
Magnification: 6x

More about Halo XR800 Rangefinder

Keep an eye on your Goal Using the HALO XR800 Platform 6x Rangefinder.
A built in Scan Mode locks in many targets at various distances, while the Angle Intelligence technology compensates to the slope of the goal. The rubber grip provides comfortable handling, and the design enables use in most weather conditions.

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Features of Halo XR800 Rangefinder

It is Angle Intelligence technology compensates for the incline of this goal
Water-resistant design enables use in most weather conditions
Rubber grip allows for comfortable handling
Mossy Oak Bottomland® camouflage helps keep you concealed

Final Words

Well, as much I enjoy other versions of cameras, Halo Rangefinders would be the very best for hunters who desire their prey very fast. It is most effective for people who work with targets in light problems that are proper. In a nutshell, this gadget is ideal for those hunters who are utilized without needing to cover much to shooting. Halo Rangefinders rocks!

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Can you love all your things manly and tough looking? Halo X-Ray 600 Laser Range Finder will be loved by you. It has a vertical structure for handling and an all-black casing. So far as the very first impression goes, this equipment dazzles! It has a body so your hands can match. In the same way, it has rubber details about the handle for better traction and an lenses to get more ergonomic usage. The reason it is pitted against rivals is because of its stellar 6x magnification. It takes into slope consideration terrains and hills in the span of your playwith. This device has attempted, and I tell you everything, it provides when you’re in action. It’s simple, so you don’t have to tweak settings. You might want to switch to a technology like this one, in case you used some intricate that is frustrating rangefinders Previously

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With this wonderful device on the current market, we had to find out the views from our clients. They indicated that it was an excellent rangefinder for the cost. It does. The optics are perfect and for the best price. You’ll have confidence in making the shooter when a deer comes through. Another customer suggests that, he was a little nervous since it was so inexpensive and purchased this, but he is extremely satisfied. The battery life has been great, and yardage is computed by it . I checked and measured off yardage in the rear yard using a tape measure, and it is dead on. Great Purchase.

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