Bushnell Night Vision 2.5×42 Monoculars Review

Whilst the advertising jargon around the Bushnell night vision site that claims”These optics turn night into day” is stretching the truth, for a Gen 1 Night Vision Device that the Bushnell 2.5 x42 Night Vision Monocular does offer excellent night vision at a very competitive cost.
Overall I would say that for the price they offer excellent value for money and make an ideal chap night vision apparatus for many applications such as camping, observing nocturnal wildlife as well asfor some security surveillance uses such as nightime warehouse and garden security that’s stealthy, something that no flashlight can offer.

Bushnell Night Vision
Bushnell Night Vision

All night vision equipment requires some light to operate, they can depend on just the moon or stars for lighting, but if there is no external light source available that the built-in dual-level (high and low-intensity) infrared illuminator will allow you to see even in the darkest conditions.

They do it by sending out a beam of light that isn’t visible to the human eye, but is picked up from the night vision device. This Bushnell Night Vision Monocular (Model No: 26-0200) includes a good 42mm Objective lens for gathering any lighting available as well as a fairly good 2.5x magnigication, about average for most night vision binoculars and monoculars.

The rugged compact design of those 2.5×42 night vision monoculars from Bushnell signifies they comfortably fit into the palm of the hand. The included hand strap makes them simple to hold, in a similar way as you would a camera. To power the monoculars they also have a mount for tripod use and take 2AA batteries and come with a carry case.

How night vision works on the Bushnell 2.5×42 night vision monocular:

1. Image intensifier tube
2. Phosphor screen (like a monochrome TV screen)
3. Objective lens
4. Infrared illuminator

Bushnell Night Vision Monoculars
Bushnell Night Vision Monoculars

More about Bushnell Night Vision

Any available light (energy) is collected by the aim lens (3) and focused on the image intensifier (1), Inside the intensifier a photocathode is”excited” by the light and converts the energy into electrons. The electrons accelerate across an electrostatic field inside the intensifier and strike a phosphor screen (two ) which emits an image that you can see when you look through the monocular.

To get a good set of night vision binoculars, have a peek at the ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars, or if you desire goggles that you can match to your face for hands free usage, the ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles are worth considering.

Highlights of Bushnell Night Vision 2.5×42 Monoculars

Gen 1 Monocular
Built-in dual-level infrared illuminator
2.5x magnification
Integral hand-strap
Fits comfortably in palm

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