Athlon Talos Riflescope Review

At the point when light goes through any medium, including glass, it dangers mirroring a level of the light off of each medium it comes into contact with.

Rifle extensions are not as defenseless with these impacts as a spotting degree may be, since spotting degrees have crystals notwithstanding focal points. Yet, they do hazard losing a high level of light when it arrives at your eye. This is the thing that the Athlon site is insinuating when it discusses “Athlon Progressed multi-covered focal points.” Progressed multi-covered focal points have unique coatings that limit this light refraction, so more light gets to your eye.

Athlon Talos Riflescope
Athlon Talos Riflescope

This is significant in a chasing degree in light of the fact that the more light that gets to your eye, the better you see. Also, the more you can remain out chasing, on the grounds that the degree isn’t as influenced by the low light of morning and night as it would ordinarily be.

Specifications of Athlon Talos Riflescope

Magnification 4-16
Objective Lens Diameter 40 mm
Reticle Mildot
Surface Finish Matte
Lens Coating Wide Band Fully Multicoated
Tube Material Aircraft grade aluminum
Tube Diameter 1 inch
Exit Pupil 9.5-2.5 mm
Eye Relief 3.8-3.35 inches
Field of View @100 yards 24.1-6.28 feet
Click Value 0.1 MIL
Adjustment range per rotation 5 MIL
Total Elevation Adjustment 20 MIL
Total Windage Adjustment 20 MIL
Turret Style Capped
Parallax Adjustment Side Focus – 15 yards to infinity
Purging Material Nitrogen
Length 12.9″
Weight 19.1 oz
Reticle Subtension Validity 10x


  • I loved the half mil reticle
  • Adjustments are made in mils
  • It has side focus instead of adjustable objective
  • Fast focus eye piece


  • It’s heavy (23 oz.)
  • Eye relief is critical and hazy at 20 power and up
  • Turret clicks aren’t positive and tactile
  • The illuminated reticle is hokie!  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.
  • Adjustments were too tight (side focus, magnification)

Another element for trackers (which the Midas really doesn’t have) is and lit up reticle. This lets you set your reticle to show up as a red blueprint with changing degrees of power contingent upon your setting.

With the goal that dark reticle that you for the most part use which is inclined to becoming mixed up out of sight bramble will now stand apart significantly better! Once more, this is a component the HMR didn’t have, which is one of the occasions the Talos conquers the Midas.

One zone it doesn’t satisfy the Midas principles is the glass. The Talos BTR doesn’t include ED or HD glass (see here for the contrast between the two).

Considering the extension is evaluated under $300, it’s to be expected. I haven’t go over an ED glass scope for under $300 yet.

So remember that despite the fact that the Talos BTR is clear at the cost, it won’t be Midas clear.

In any case, how about we investigate the Highlights score before we get too inside and out into that sort of correlation.

Athlon Talos Riflescopes
Athlon Talos Riflescopes

Quality of Athlon Talos Riflescope

For optical quality, we need to utilize a similar admonition as we did with the Midas HMR. On the off chance that you review, we needed to alter the focuses in the test to mirror the way that the degree has a lower amplification.

Nonetheless, we additionally need to consider this as a factor that weighs against the degree, as a lower amplification implies less perceivability, which means lower quality.

Final Words

The greatest thing weighing against it was the optical score. Nonetheless, this is for the most part a result of it’s breaking point in amplification. In light of how well it performed on the lower amplifications, we have motivation to accept that the higher amplifications would perform well as well.

That being stated, those things should be thought about when scoring a degree, since you need to ensure you’re getting enough amplification for your necessities.

The following was wonderful and the highlights at an extent of this cost was incredible as well.

By and large, in case you’re in the spending construct showcase or are searching for a decent chasing degree, the Talos BTR is certainly a decent purchase and I suggest it.

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