ATN X Sight II Review

That means that you will not be searching through conventional glass components. Rather, digital imaging project it on a LCD within the range and to capture the scope’s field of view is used by ATN. ATN X Sight II has been a leader in night vision and low light optics for decades, providing a variety of accessories and optics to military and law enforcement associations.

ATN X Sight II Review
ATN X Sight II Review


ATN X Sight II Night Vision

For under the price of the majority of cellphones, you can see both day and night, quickly figure out the range to a goal, and record your own experiences in high definition. Traditional night vision is somewhat much for the average shooter’s budget. Shelling out four or three grand is just not a possibility for most. If that sounds a little too good to be true, think about the picture quality on most cellphones. LCDs and digital imaging have come a long way in recent decades.

Sightmark Photon RT 4.5x42S

The X-Sight is a digital rifle scope. But, suppose there was an ultrasonic that worked both night and day, letting you see just as well at dusk as you can at noon–all without costing too much? Thus, even though the X-Sight comes in at a very agreeable price, you are getting a product from a company with serious a background producing serious products. There are few things cooler than nighttime vision.

Specifications of  ATN X Sight II

For seekers who may encounter low-light conditions or plan to shoot varmints or alternative game at nighttime, the X-Sight is a no-brainer for those whose budgets do not venture into the four-figure selection.
While an economical range finder can help you get an idea for a target’s space, it means bringing an extra tool. The same is true for a camera.
In addition, it adds the ability of nighttime vision and on the fly ballistics calculation. The ATN X-Sight is a scope packed with features, or a good pick for anybody who desires night vision.

ATN X Sight II
ATN X Sight II

Our View Point

It has got so much going on, there’s almost too much to keep up with. The X-Sight provides computing power that can really help improve shooting and ballistic understanding to shooters. Do not let the fact that its not a conventional range fool you. Like the X-Sight take full advantage of this power, digital imaging has made several extraordinary advancements in optics and recent years. ATN’s X-Sight is significantly loaded with features. But, if the purchase price fits your budget and you’re able to deal with a couple limitations–such as restricted night vision range and life–the X-Sight is a great buy for those looking to get into night vision on a budget.

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