Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope Review

With optics, cash truly can purchase bliss. More often than not, a great part of the joy you pay for originates from the glass appropriate—the focal points and their coatings. Be that as it may, on account of the new VX-6HD line of riflescopes from Leupold, you pay for—and get—significantly more than an away from of the objective. The VX-6HD degrees have costs that section $2,000 and accompany a large group of highlights, including a 6:1 amplification proportion, which make them justified, despite all the trouble. They’re Leupold’s best in class chasing degrees, and as such speak to the organization’s most recent reaction to the developing needs and needs of American trackers.

For instance, all VX-6HD degrees have 30mm principle tubes. A 30mm primary cylinder allows more space for the erector cylinder to move inside it, which brings about a more noteworthy height and windage change run. More height modification is an advantage for the developing framework of shooters who take game at long range. A 30mm cylinder likewise can be worked with a thicker, more grounded divider.

Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope
Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope

Specifications of Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope

• Type: variable-power riflescope
• Magnification: 1X-6X, 2X-12X, 3X-18X (tested), 4X-24X
• Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm, 42mm, 44mm, 50mm (tested), 52mm
• Eye Relief:  3.7″ (3X), 3.8″ (18X);
• Exit Pupil: 16.7mm (3X), 2.8mm (18X)
• Field of View @ 100 Yds: 38′ (3X), 7′ (18X)
• Reticle: second focal plane; illuminated FireDot Duplex (tested) w/Motion Sensor Technology and cant indicator
• Adjustments: 75 MOA in .25-MOA incrementsCoatings: fully multi-coated; Twilight Max Light Management System, Guard-Ion
• Dimensions: tube diameter 30mm; length 1.5″; weight 20.4 ozs.
• Construction: one-piece anodized aluminum tube; argon/krypton-filled; waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof; side-mounted parallax adjustment and push-button illumination control
• Accessories: Alumina Flipback lens covers, reversible throw lever, coupon for free CDS dial
• MSRP: $2,209

The VX-6HD extensions have what Leupold calls Top notch focal points and the Dusk Max Light Administration Framework. Focal points in the VX-6HD line are explicitly intended to address chromatic deviation, or shading bordering, and upgrade goals. In tracker’s terms, this makes a dark earthy colored deer stand apart from an earthy colored dim foundation.

The Nightfall Max Light Administration Framework is a mix of focal point coatings and mechanical structure includes that boost light transmission over the whole noticeable range, decrease glare and improve differentiate. Two frequencies, or hues, of light are significant for trackers: blue, which the natural eye is generally delicate to in low-light conditions, and red, which is the most predominant in run of the mill chasing circumstances. The framework both augments transmission of the light we can most effectively observe and decreases the light we don’t require, in addition to balances different hues to give differentiate. Result: splendid, fresh perspectives all through all shooting hours.

Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope Review
Leupold VX 6 Rifle Scope Review

More about Rifle Scope

Another recognizable component of the VX-6HD degrees is their uncovered, resettable, locking height and windage dials. Set apart in .25-MOA augments, every ha a spring-stacked catch on its circuit over the “0” mark. Press the catch to open the dial and make a change. Come back to the zero setting, and the catch consequently jumps out to bolt the dial.

The two-layered Discs ZL2 height dial goes above and beyond: On the main upheaval of alteration, the catch stays flush with the dial edge; on the second, it withdraws into its break. The savvy configuration gives a moment visual and material token of how much rise you’ve dialed so you don’t confound, for instance, a 6-MOA revision with a 26-MOA amendment.

The focal segment of the reticle in all VX-6HD degrees is lit up. A press button rheostat controls power. The enlightened piece of the reticle additionally fills in as a cant pointer: When the extension is tipped to either side more than 1 degree, the reticle flashes.

Leupold incorporates three extra highlights with each VX-6HD: a coupon for a free custom dial set apart for the ballistics of your rifle/load, a separable toss switch for fast amplification changes, and Alumina Flipback focal point spreads to secure the goal and visual focal points.

Final Words

Leupold backs the expense of the VX-6HD models with all the highlights a tracker could need for both short-and long-go shots, in addition to a full lifetime ensure. These are very much assembled scopes that will be at home on any chase around the world. Such bliss merits the cost.

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